BloomBeast has been specializing in LED grow lights since 2010. Our high quality, low heat lights are made in China, using UL CE ROHS certified parts. This assures our product is of the highest industry standards in both quality and durability.

Our mission is to help your plants thrive, while ensuring higher yields. BloomBeast LED's offers a full spectrum with multiple wavelengths, mimicking real sunlight which results in maximum growth. Our lights run cool, cost less to operate and are quite durable. If you are looking to produce higher yields with less out of pocket expenses, BloomBeast is your best and most obvious choice.

Why choose BloomBeast LED Grow Lights?

HIGHER YIELDS: Unique full spectrum gives you the ideal balance full spectrum of red, blue, UV, IR and white light, 3 dimmers which you control for seedling, veg and flower all stages of plant growth. Coupled with the right feeding, watering, and pruning, this results in happier plants that often exceed yield expectations.

SAVE UP to 50% COSTS: Use 30-50% less electricity than conventional HID HPS bulbs. LED grow light also produces less ambient heat, so you can spend less on cooling equipment and related energy costs. No expensive and dangerous bulbs to replace.

HIGH PAR AND SUPER BRIGHT: Built with secondary convex optical lens, optimize lighting coverage, avoid hot spots and get a full blend of light, resulting in higher penetration and more uniform PAR wavelength distribution throughout all levels of foliage canopy and a higher PPFD being absorbed by your plants, enhances growth and yields.

PERFECT THERMAL MANAGEMENT: Large aluminum heat sinks and UL fans cooler running make BloomBeast LED Grow Light give off very little heat as well as the light works in quiet.

TOP WARRANTY: 3 YEARs warranty.