About BloomBeast

BloomBeast has been specializing in LED grow lights since 2010. Our high quality, low heat lights are made in China, using UL CE ROHS certified parts.This assures our product is of the highest industry standards in both quality and durability. Our mission is to help your plants thrive, while ensuring higher yields. BloomBeast LED's offers a full spectrum with multiple wavelengths, mimicking real sunlight which results in maximum growth. Our lights run cool, cost less to operate and are quite durable.If you are looking to produce higher yields with less out of pocket expenses, BloomBeast is your best and most obvious choice.

Once you purchase a BloomBeast LED, you become part of OUR family. Since you placed your trust (and your money), in our company and it's products, we have an obligation to listen to your voice. That's why we encourage all of our users to reach out with any suggestions or improvements you would like to see. In order to keep up with your changing needs and current scientific developments, we need to here from YOU! Please don't hesitate to reach out and let us know how we can continue to make BloomBeast the most cost efficient, highest quality and most reliable LED grow light on the market. We can always be reached at: support@bloombeast.com