The light is working well, packaging will be damaged.

🌼HIGH YIELD WITHIN LESS TIME: BloomBeast LED grow light full spectrum for indoor plants made unique 12 band with a mixture of both 100w COB and 5w single LED which most closely mimics the natural sunlight, creating not only better plants, but reduced growing time and overall cost.

🌼BRAND LEDs: BloomBeast LED Grow Light for marijuana using Bridgelux, Epileds & Epistar LEDs which not easy to burn out. High quality and super bright with long lifespan.

🌼SUPER BRIGHT & HIGH PPDF: Each diodes works like a charm, output is amazing. Your plants will enjoy maximum par value at the lowest possible power consumption with BloomBeast LED Grow Light.

🌼PERFECT THERMAL MANAGEMENT: Large aluminum heat sinks and UL fans cooler running make BloomBeast LED Grow Light give off very little heat as well as the light works in quiet.

Only available to USA address
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Model LED brand Input Voltage HPS Replacement Work Temperature Lifespan Dimensions
C525(Used) (4pcx100W COB+ 25pcx5W Leds) Bridgelux & Epileds AC 100-240V 600W HPS/MH –20ºC to 60ºC (–4ºF to 140ºF) 50,000 hours 17" x 11" x 2.5"

Top customer reviews

Michael Squibb


January 21, 2018

Best quality first run and am very impressed.. Would like to get that 800.. Best medicine ever


Excellent Light!

October 22, 2017

Excellent Light! Feels and Looks very high quality. Dimmer switches are amazingly smooth and have a satisfying click when on/off. The cord and hanging kit that came with it is of higher quality than other chinese lights. The unit is pretty hefty compared to my 600w LED but is not enough to be of concern. Noticed a huge response overnight from plant after being put under this light. PLEASE WEAR GROWROOM GLASSES with this unit. It is so bright, it makes your vision distorted if you don't and i'm sure its not good for your eyes. So far, the unit is performing great! Will post a review as time goes on.


I’ll get another

December 21, 2017

So far I’m happy with my purchase. I lack enough vertical space in my grow tent so the light isn’t spread out enough to evenly cover both of my ...tomatoes, so I’m going to buy another to put in my tent alongside the first. I like the dimmers since the two lights will be too close to my plants and I’ll be have to turn them down a bit to get perfect coverage without scorching my plants. I would think that turning down the lights will make them last longer, as well. It seems solidly constructed and stays relatively cool.

jennifer lengwin

Very powerful Runs cooler quiet solidly made led grow light

January 18, 2018

No complaints with this grow light, its been working well so far with no isuues. Very powerful, running cool, and the fan is quiet. My water culture tomato plant is going CRAZY for this. Would recommend to others and will definitely be purchasing more in the future.


This is the led grow light you are looking for!

January 22, 2018

Meet all my expectation for a LED grow light. I love it, blindingly bright! The plants seemed to explode with growth after even the first day with these new lights! Great price, Fast shipping, this is the led grow light you are looking for!

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