The light is working well, packaging will be damaged.

🌟YIELDS: BloomBeast LED Grow Light Full Spectrum A520 produce over 20% high quality and quantity yields than other lights, while staying cool and using a reasonable amount of electricity.

🌟13 BAND WITH UV & IR: 13 band Multi-chips COB LEDs & single 5W LEDs including red, blue, white, UV, IR results in greener, healthier growth and better buds.

🌟PROFESSIONAL MANUFACTURER: BloomBeast is specialized in ONLY LED grow lights in China since 2010, providing high quality products with good prices & excellent service.

🌟SUPER BRIGHT AND HIGH PPDF: Each diodes works like a charm, output is amazing. Your plants will enjoy maximum par value at the lowest possible power consumption.

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Model LED brand Input Voltage HPS Replacement Work Temperature Lifespan Dimensions
A520(Used) (1pcx100W COB+ 84pcx5W Leds) Bridgelux & Epileds AC 100-240V 800W HPS/MH –20ºC to 60ºC (–4ºF to 140ºF) 50,000 hours 13.9" x 13.9" x 2.75"

Top customer reviews


Great company 5 stars

January 28, 2018

This LED grow light is very powerful watch the video on youtube " NukeHeads A520 " where I test this grow light. For the price and these built in red COB lights it's high PAR low price makes this light definitely the light to go with for a 2x2 grow tent, and even a 3x3 grow tent as I am using it in. Great company 5 stars !!!!!


Results so far are spectacular !!!

January 9, 2018

Results so far are spectacular. I used autoflower seeds, 2 bloombeast 520's, 5 gal pots with supersoil. ... 1st photo is at 2 weeks & photo 2 is at 6 weeks (the pot on top right ended up being a runt seed). Plants are very healthy and started into bloom phase after 5 1/2 weeks. The only way to do any better is to use hydroponics with 4 bloombeast's or lights that will run you $1,000 or better!!! ... I highly recommend these led grow lights!


if had the money order 3 more my plant love it so do i since i put the plants ...

December 18, 2017

if had the money order 3 more my plant love it so do i since i put the plants over it have developed a lot gave super great results i recommend this model at the moment is the one i have so far looking forward in the future to get more of bloombeast product the light is right and well constructed too

mike salierno

This is a GREAT light, VERY powerful. A MUST buy.

February 6, 2018

Was skeptical when buying this light because it only is a 520 while other lights for the same price claim to put out more than double the wattage. I hung this a520 at the same height as my competitor LED lights and this puppy FRIED my plants. Boy this thing is strong. i was able to control the damage once noticed by using the convenient dimmer switches. My medicinal herbs LOVE IT. This light at the right height, combined with correct dimmer setting and good reflection (grow tent) will produce a great product. Definitely a BEAST! Will be buying another for my other tents.

John Zeman Jr

Much love

January 21, 2018

Very bright. love the dimmers and options, complete control I will update after the first grow with pictures

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