High Yield 1280w LED Grow Plant Lights A1280


● High power - 3 x 100w COB & 196 x 5w LEDs

● 3 dimmers for seedling, veg & bloom

● 13 bands full spectrum for high yield

● High PPFD for better penetration

● Worldwide use with 100 - 240V

● Professional manufacturer with 10 years experience

● US warehouse & factory stock, shipping within 48 hours

● 3 years after-sale warranty

Phone for shipment

Top customer reviews

Chadwick Binninger

Excellent Light. Very high quality and very well built

November 26, 2017

Excellent Light. Very high quality and very well built! The three dimmer switches which control Veg, Full spectrum, and Bloom boost are high quality and work great. Noticed a huge difference in plants after just a couple days under the light. After one month I am very pleased with the light so far. Plants have almost tripled in size and are doing great. Par and spectrum specs seem to be spot on. Growroom glasses are a MUST as these lights are very bright. Amazing quality for the price!! I have used most Big Name Brand lights and these easily compare if not surpass them at less then half the price. Customer service has been great! Shortly after receiving these lights I was contacted by the manufacturer to make sure everything came as stated and we were happy with the lights so far as they are new on the market. I am VERY pleased so far and can't wait to see the results after a full grow cycle!!

Steve Wilcox

The construction is strong and easy to install.

January 18, 2018

Perfect for a small hydroponic setup, I am very pleased with the construction and the dim ability of these grow lights. The self-cooling and regulating system works very efficiently, heats up much less than expected. Tomatoes love it, and the I've never seen shishito peppers thrive as well as they have under this light. I highly recommend this LED grows light.

thieblemont yanic

Extremely Bright for this led grow light

January 22, 2018

The led grow light is extremely bright. The power did not overheat due to it has cool fans. It works available after using for sometime. Now my plants are growing well. I plan to make several of these for growing plants in my greenhouse. I already have placed a second led grow light and will purchase again if add more plants in future.

Bernard MURAT

Will be buying more

February 8, 2018

Excellent light. Saves a ton of electricity. I have to say I'm impressed at the quality of led grow light they produce. I am VERY pleased at the outcome. A little pricey but with a good warranty so I will be looking forward to purchasing a A1280 or a couple of A520 or A900 in the future. Thanks bloombeast for making a great product.

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